What if you didn’t need a business card?

What if you didn't need a business card?I just ordered new business cards.  I WANTED to just print my name on the front, and then put this on the back:

One of your goals in business should be to no longer need business cards.  Two things have to happen in order for your to go sans cards:

1.  Make a name for yourself.

You need to be so memorable that people remember either you, the service you provide, or the clever and catchy name of your business.  So, when someone asks on Facebook “I need a carpet cleaner,” your fans immediately share your name (and the link to your business Facebook page, because they’re already a fan, or like, or cheerleader… whatever Facebook is calling it this week).

Do you have businesses in your contacts in your cell phone?  I do.  I have Chili’s (call ahead seating), and my favorite Chinese and Pizza places.  In fact, I don’t even need it for my REAL favorite pizza place… I have their number memorized.


2.  Be AMAZING online.

This is MUCH harder, especially if you’re in a very competitive business.  I wanted to have a business card that just said “BEN MILLER” on it.  Nothing more.  I thought about writing “If you want me, you’ll find me”.  I started to think about what people would search for when looking for me.  “Ben Miller Speaker” or “Motivational Speaker Ben Miller” didn’t show up on Google.com.  Mostly because I’m new at this.  I haven’t earned any Google Credits (Don’t know about Google Credits?  That’s because I just made it up).

The basics are this, you need a Facebook BUSINESS page (please don’t make me come hurt you if you make a personal page), a Twitter account specifically for business tweets, and potentially a YouTube and Google Plus page to put up some quick videos.  Start small.  If you don’t have a blog attached to your website, make one TODAY.  All of these things will help your Google ranking.  Not sure how you rank?  I found a cool site that will search the keywords you’re trying to attract and show you what page you can be found on.


If you’re running a business, set BIG goals.  One should be to not need business cards.  That means you are so amazing, people will never forget you and always find you!

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