Are you looking for a dynamic speaker who is probably way too concerned with what music you're playing before he takes the stage?

Ben will speak to your group of 5 to 5,000.  If it's more than 5,000... Ben will probably freak out a bit, but he'll be just fine, trust us.  Seriously.  He can tell that there are 5,003 people in the room... don't try to surprise him.

Personal Finance Topics Include:

How to ruin your life (financially)
[This is where Ben tells you all the stupid things he's done]

What if you didn't owe ANYONE.... ANYTHING?

First we start with a lot of stories about all of the dumb things Ben has done with money, like buy a hot tub off of eBay.  Yes, he really did that.  In fact, he was so spoiled that he had it delivered and installed on Christmas Eve.  Then we talk about how to win with money by working towards being debt free.

In this seminar you'll find out how you're robbing yourself from being wealthy, and how to create a very, very simple plan towards living on less than you make and saving for the future.  This is not a get rich quick seminar.  In fact, it's just the opposite.  It's a detailed plan to get out of debt using incredible focus and intensity.  

Love, Money, and Marriage
[two incomes, two opinions, lots of arguments, one budget]

This seminar is given by both Ben and his wife Lucinda.  Have you ever wanted to kill your spouse?  Not divorce... not spend some time apart...  actually bring harm to them.  But you didn't do anything because you didn't have enough money in the checking account to escape to Jamaica?  No?  

Well, if you've ever fought about money, you should know you're not alone.  Money fights and stress brought on by money problems are the top reasons for divorce.  Ben and Lucinda will teach you to work together, make a plan and stick to it. This seminar can either be a keynote that includes our getting out of debt and budgeting lesson, or a great breakout session for couples. 

Business Topics Include:

We're working? I thought this was summer camp!
[how to create a company culture that you and your employees will want to be a part of] 

What are the secrets to getting your team to be excited for Monday morning so they get to go back to work? (hint, first start referring to them as a team) We'll talk about finding the best employees and how to get rid of the ones that aren't pulling their weight.  Your brain will explode with great ideas to motivate and encourage your team to reach new levels of productivity and company loyalty (and it's not always about money).

You're the best, now start charging like it!

You're not running a non for profit... right?  If you're serving your clients well, you should be charging a fair and reasonable rate.  Customer's buying decisions are not always about how much your rate is versus someone else.  Maybe you just stink at selling your service.  When we're done, Ben will help you go confidently into your next sales meeting and command top dollar for your services.