Fees for Ben’s services?  There aren’t any.

It’s simple.  Ben provides his services as a gift to you.  When he’s done, he trusts that you will in turn gift him something that you feel is fair and reasonable for the services provided.

Please click here to read my post “Introduction to the gift economy“, where you’ll see more information about other businesses that are thriving using this idea.

“If you help enough people you won’t have to worry about money” – Dave Ramsey

It’s a concept that has been around since ancient times… The Gift Economy.  It’s based on mutual respect and gratitude.  Some of Ben’s clients will gift his family with money (which is awesome, because the power company, mortgages and kids college funds don’t run on the gift economy yet).  So, he’s hoping most of you will chose this option. However, some may chose to gift Ben by passing his name onto others who may benefit from his services (referral), or maybe you have a brand new hot tub in your back yard that you never use… that would be an excellent gift. When his service is done, it’s his gift to you.  What you chose to gift back is whatever makes you feel whole.  As Ben is just getting started in this concept, he doesn’t have many examples yet, but soon he’ll update a page on this site with all of the gifts that we’ve received for each project.  Since Ben’s personality attracts clever and creative people…we’re hoping some of the gifts will be worth publishing.  We’ll never disclose who gave us our gifts… just something like “Personal Finance Coaching 2 hours – $100″ or “Keynote seminar including travel to Las Vegas – $4,500″

Here’s how it works:

  1. First, look through this site and see if Ben is a good fit for you.
  2. Contact Ben here.
  3. Wait patiently.  Ben suggests calling your mom during this time.  She hasn’t heard from you in a while.
  4. Ben will get back to you and you’ll get to know each other a bit and see if you’re a good fit to work together.
  5. Ben will draw up an estimate.  The estimate will include an exact description of the services that Ben will provide.  The estimate will include an average cost of what similar service providers would charge for their services.
  6. We’ll shake hands (metaphorically speaking if we don’t live in the same city).
  7. At this point you may send Ben a booking gift (Think of it like a deposit of good faith).
  8. Ben will provide the service as a gift to you.
  9. After Ben has gifted his services to you, you may gift him back as a sign of gratitude.
  10. Later, you and Ben will work diligently on coming up with a better #10 for this list.

TRAVEL:  Ben loves to travel.  He loves it even more when his wife gets to come and tell her side of the story too.  However, while we would like to gift you our services, the airlines, hotels, restaurants and taxis are not on the gift economy yet…. so it works like this: If you want us to travel to your location, you have to get us there and make sure we have a place to sleep and food to eat while we’re there.  We are located in between several different major airports (Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis are all about 2.5 hours away), and we’d prefer to fly out of our local airports (BMI or PIA) to save driving and parking fees.   Typically we can travel for a one day keynote for $750-$1,250, if that gives you an idea.  But you’re already booking speakers, so you probably knew that.


Not sure what to gift?  Here are the going rates for similar services:

Financial Coaching: $125-175/hour

Business Coaching: $150-$200/hour

Speaking: $1,500-$3,000 for 60-90 minutes, plus travel expenses (hotel, car service, pizza)


"You put on your website that people can send us pizza?  We're going to get SO MUCH pizza!  This is going to be awesome"

Max, Age 8