Last night I created my newsletter.  But when I woke up this morning, I didn’t have 10,000 subscribers.  I figured something must be wrong.  I mean, it’s on the internet now…. I figured I would have a million sign ups by lunch.   I did have ONE (thanks Dad).

I read a cool post from Michael Hyatt about not building your social house on rented land.  Facebook doesn’t always serve up my links (unless you’re interacting regularly with my page by liking and sharing my posts), and you may miss my posts on Twitter…  So unless you’ve made my website your home page (you should totally do that.  It’s not weird at all), you’re probably not seeing all of my awesomeness.

SO, I’m going to do a social business experiment.  I’d like to see how many subscribers I can get to my newsletter.


Here’s the deal:  

Sign up for my newsletter (you can see the sign up box to the right.  UNLESS YOU’RE ON A MOBILE PHONE, ITS THE RED BOX TOWARDS THE VERY BOTTOM!)

For every 50 subscribers, I’m going to put those names in a hat and pull out one lucky winner.  That person will win a $25 gift card to their favorite pizza place! (even if you live in another town)

Want to increase your chances? After you’ve subscribed to my newsletter I’ll put your name in the hat again for each of the following:

I’ll draw a name each time I get 50 more subscribers, for the up to the 500!


Homemade pizza AND free financial counseling! 

If you want something a little more special… and you live within 10 miles of me….   Instead of getting the $25 gift certificate, I will personally make you two different large pizzas and deliver it to your home.  You can either take the pizza and close the door, or invite me in for 30 minutes to answer any of your financial questions!

If you live slightly out of town (or you don’t want me knowing where you live), and want to pick up pizzas at my house, you can come 30 minutes before the pizzas are done and we can chat in my kitchen about any of your financial questions.  I’ll even let you put the toppings on the pizza yourself.

(If you live outside of my area and you win… I’m still happy to answer questions by phone or SKYPE for 30 minutes!)

Good luck!!


  1. Matt Giordano says:

    I enjoy reading your pages and blogs. Thanks.

  2. Amanda Cook says:

    I love reading your blog posts!

  3. lori dunagan says:

    I love ur creativity. Free pizza and financial counceling. Awesome combination

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