Finding/Hiring Employees Who Would Do Anything To Work For You

How To Build A  Great Team - From Ben Miller Business CoachWell, you’ve decided you JUST HAVE to have a new employee (you’re positive, right?  You’re sure you can afford them, right?).

Well then, you should absolutely just hire the first person you see.


Done.  Article over.


Wait…. You want more?  You’re saying to yourself “I paid good money to read this blog!! I deserve at least 700 words!”.  Well Ok then…. read on:


One of the crucial mistakes I made was hiring too quickly (both part time and full time employees).  Every time I needed someone, I felt like it was an emergency.  I needed someone NOW.  That was my first mistake.

I had big dreams in my business, but for whatever reason I didn’t look ahead to the future far enough to anticipate the need for more employees.  So, when it was time to hire, I didn’t spend nearly as much time seeking out the best candidates.

How can you find the best employees?  First, stop treating them like employees.  You have a mission.  You’re going into battle every day.  You can’t win by yourself… you need a team.  Start thinking of your employees as a TEAM.  YOU need to build a TEAM.


What do the best teams look like?

  • They usually have a great coach 
    Most often the coach is someone who has played the game at a championship level. The coach knows and understands the players on the team.  The players respect the coach and know that no matter what, the coach is setting them up to win.

  • They have the best players (but not always)
    You could spend all of your money “buying” the top-rated players for your team, but you’ll find that some of the absolute BEST players just want to WIN.  It’s not always about the money.  They want the championship ring, year after year.  While great players need to be compensated accordingly, don’t get hung up on throwing money at employees in order to get them to join or stay on your team.  Look for teammates that will say things like “I’d do this job, even if I weren’t getting paid”.

  • There is a mutual level of respect and trust throughout the team
    Your team should know that work is a safe place for them.  No one talks behind anyone’s back (gossip), management doesn’t try to sneak big decisions through without anyone noticing, and there is open and honest communication between everyone. That means that if you’re having a bad year, let your team know.  Don’t stop the 401K match without telling anyone.  Don’t cut out the Christmas bonus and trade it for a cheese of the month subscription.  Remember, you’ve hired a team that wants to win.  If it’s the bottom of the ninth and you’re down by three runs… guess what… a team that WANTS the company to win will step up to the plate and knock it out of the park.

  • Amazing players are allowed to be amazing players
    Don’t micro-manage.  This was one of my biggest issues.  Even though I hired amazingly talented people, I had a vision for what I wanted and I didn’t seek out their input.  Often times they had a better way of doing things, but I didn’t get the chance to hear it.

  • The team works very well together
    When you’re hiring someone new, make sure they have lots of time to interact with other team members they will be working with.  Get to know them and their family.  Remember, you and your team will be seeing them for more awake time during a 24 hour period than you see your own family.  Make sure you really like them.


Just promise me you’ll take your time in hiring.  Take a LOT of time.  Be prepared to spend weeks if not months finding the right person.  Make a list of all the attributes of the perfect employee you want on your team.  If your applicants don’t check off everything on that list, don’t hire them.  Keep looking.  You’ve got plenty of time to find the right person, because you forecasted the need for a new employee 6 months ago, right?

Look for passion in their hearts.  Do they love what they do?  Do they love what YOU do?  Work without passion is… well, work.  I’m sitting here writing this article knowing that I may never make a single dime off of my advice.  But that’s OK!  I LOVE this.  I’m having so much fun writing, speaking and coaching others that I’ll do this until I die, even if I have to deliver pizzas to make ends meet.  Do you LOVE what you do?  Are you PROUD of your work?  Then don’t bring on a team member that is any less excited about your mission than you are.  Those employees are out there, I promise.

There.  You got 800 words.  Just like I promised.

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  1. Alishia says:

    Thank you for this blog post Ben, loved every minute of it and everything you said is so true. I’ve made the mistake once or twice of quick hiring. :-)

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