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If you’ve got bad employees, you can only blame yourself

It was around 2005 that I decided that I needed someone to join me full time at my business.  I felt like I was burning the candle at both ends, and really needed help.   At the time I had several part time employees, but their help was only a few hours a week. OneContinue Reading

Managing Client Expectations – Don’t Oversell!

This is my most embarrassing post so far (I’ll probably write other posts that are more embarrassing… because I’ve done a bunch of really embarrassing stuff).  This one is embarrassing because it shows a moment when I didn’t do my job well. Over the years I’ve had a few unhappy clients.  Each time that they’veContinue Reading

Be careful what you wish for with social media

There is a guy on Facebook who covers the “restaurant scene” for my hometown of Bloomington-Normal, Illinois.  He posts tidbits and “behind the scenes” information about some of my favorite places… and I never miss a post.  In fact, when I see he’s posted, I often go to his Facebook page and make sure IContinue Reading

Tracking Your Website Traffic

One week ago I launched this website.  I had been working on it for months, but I let the world know last Tuesday. Any time I launch a website, I’m glued to my computer the entire day watching the Google Analytics in real time.  That means if you’re the only person I know in SanContinue Reading

What if you didn’t need a business card?

I just ordered new business cards.  I WANTED to just print my name on the front, and then put this on the back: One of your goals in business should be to no longer need business cards.  Two things have to happen in order for your to go sans cards: 1.  Make a name forContinue Reading