Hiring The Right Employee For The JOB [posting the position]

I’ve already talked about making sure the person you hire is in love with your company and wants to be on your winning team, but one thing that is often overlooked is how you search for potential candidates, and how you post your positions. If you’ve made a name for yourself, people will want toContinue Reading

What to do when you find your employees not working

Confession:  This was my biggest problem of being a leader.  I would often leave my office and walk around to check on my employees to see what they were doing, only to find them messing around on tasks that had nothing to do with their job.  Sometimes they were doing things that were part ofContinue Reading

Finding/Hiring Employees Who Would Do Anything To Work For You

Well, you’ve decided you JUST HAVE to have a new employee (you’re positive, right?  You’re sure you can afford them, right?). Well then, you should absolutely just hire the first person you see.   Done.  Article over.   Wait…. You want more?  You’re saying to yourself “I paid good money to read this blog!! IContinue Reading

Can you afford to hire a new employee?

This article is part of a series of articles entitled “If you’ve got bad employees, it’s probably your fault”. When I thought it was time for my company to grow, I was so blinded by my desire to start building a team that I didn’t consider all of the financial burdens that would come withContinue Reading

If you’ve got bad employees, you can only blame yourself

It was around 2005 that I decided that I needed someone to join me full time at my business.  I felt like I was burning the candle at both ends, and really needed help.   At the time I had several part time employees, but their help was only a few hours a week. OneContinue Reading

Being Embarrassed About Your Debt

Here’s our conversation with our son tonight before we put him to bed:  “Hey buddy, just a reminder… there are certain things that you don’t talk about with other people.  One of those things is asking people how much everything costs.” My eight year old son is still trying to figure out the value ofContinue Reading

Managing Client Expectations – Don’t Oversell!

This is my most embarrassing post so far (I’ll probably write other posts that are more embarrassing… because I’ve done a bunch of really embarrassing stuff).  This one is embarrassing because it shows a moment when I didn’t do my job well. Over the years I’ve had a few unhappy clients.  Each time that they’veContinue Reading

Be careful what you wish for with social media

There is a guy on Facebook who covers the “restaurant scene” for my hometown of Bloomington-Normal, Illinois.  He posts tidbits and “behind the scenes” information about some of my favorite places… and I never miss a post.  In fact, when I see he’s posted, I often go to his Facebook page and make sure IContinue Reading

Tracking Your Website Traffic

One week ago I launched this website.  I had been working on it for months, but I let the world know last Tuesday. Any time I launch a website, I’m glued to my computer the entire day watching the Google Analytics in real time.  That means if you’re the only person I know in SanContinue Reading

What if you didn’t need a business card?

I just ordered new business cards.  I WANTED to just print my name on the front, and then put this on the back: One of your goals in business should be to no longer need business cards.  Two things have to happen in order for your to go sans cards: 1.  Make a name forContinue Reading

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