A budget is marriage insurance

What if you could take out insurance to protect your marriage from failing?

A budget is a free way to protect your family!  Many divorces are caused by money fights and money problems…. and if you’ve fought with your spouse over money, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

When you sit down with your spouse and put together a monthly budget, then you take away much of the potential for money fights, because you’ve agreed to all of the spending for the month.  You’ve signed a contract with your husband or wife and said “I will not spend any money this month unless it’s on this paper.”  In fact, spending more than you budgeted for is breaking that contract with your spouse (which will probably set you up for a pretty good fight).

So, sit down before the month begins and build a budget.  If you don’t have more than $300 to spend this month eating out, then you better not spend $325!

Be prepared for this to be extremely hard the first few months!  You’ll screw up!  You’ll get discouraged!  Don’t give up!  After several months (and being able to predict expenses better), you’ll get the hang of it!


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